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Cannabis Disposal Distribution Center’s mission is to provide an easing solution for emerging markets to stay compliant. Our vision is to have real-time accessible data for the cannabis industry to be dynamically responsible for the continuous growth.


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Business questions
No, in order to stay compliant with the law we only offer onsite services.
Cultivators need our service in order to stay compliant with the law. Many Cultivators are currently breaking rule 307(F) and getting away with illegal trafficking of cannabis waste using public landfill services. This has provoked illegal break-ins to public property and landfills around the state. If you are not disposing of your canabis waste legally then you are also violating rule 1307 subject license suspension, and a hefty fine of $100,000. CDDC offers the only legal solution for cultivators to avoid fines, and license suspensions so that you can stay compliant with the MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) and Law.
If you place cannabis waste in your dumpster you are breaking rule 307(F) and 1307 will subject to license violation and a $100,000 fine.
Rule 307(F): After a marijuana waste is made Unusable and Unrecognizable the Licensees shall not dispose of Marijuana Waste in an unsecured waste receptacle not in the possession and control of the Licensee. The rendered waste shall be: 1) Disposed of at a solid waste site and disposal facility that has a Certificate of Designation from the local governing body. 2) Deposited at a compost facility that has a Certificate of Designation from the Department of Public Health and Environment; or 3) Composted on site at a facility owned by the generator of the waste AND operated in compliance with the Regulations Pertaining to Solid Wastes Sites and Facilities (6 CCR 1007-2, Part 1) in the Department of Public Health and Environment.
Rule 1307: stipulates that failure to comply to the state mandated guidelines could result in license violations that impact public safety.The range of penalties for this category of violation includes: License suspensions, A fine per individual violation, A fine in lieu of suspension of up to $100,000 and/or, A license revocation depending upon the mitigating and aggravating circumstances, Sanctions could also result in restrictions being placed upon the license.
CDDC specializes in making cannabis waste unusable and unrecognizable during our onsite process.
CDDC has provided pdf's containing the written laws regarding cannabis waste disposal on the front page for both medicinal and recreational services.
No, CDDC does not grow or contain Cannabis of any kind. After our service onsite the cannabis waste is rendered into a unusable product.

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